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Personal Signature

Your Name on Your instruments
You have the chance to add an engraved Personal Signature to any instrument you're purchasing at the Eisenhut-Shop. Please use the "Comment"-textfield during the checkout process to let us know your Personal Signature and all the instruments you'd like to engrave.

After selecting the instruments you like to purchase, you'll be guided to a page named "Payment mode" after you've selected your shipping address. Using the "Comment"-textfield you can add your Personal Signature to the instruments you want.

Personal Signature, Productname: 1,50 €  VAT excluded (for each product and engraving)

Examples for a Personal Signature

Example 1:
Please add "Dr. Smith" to all my instruments.

Example 2:
Please add "Dr. Smith" to all scissors.

Example 3:
Please add the Productname to all my instruments.

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